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Review: "Hush"

As the credits rolled in the darkened hall after the end of this 22-minute short film, I had only one thought running through my mind:

"This was the worst $7 I had ever spent on a film!"

Though I'm a supporter of made-in-Singapore movies, there are some films that are as bad as any B-grade flick from Hollywood or Europe. And "Hush" is one of them (next to almost every Jack Neo movie ever made).

"Hush" is a locally made short film by Jeremiah R. Oh. It starts off with a family sitting down for dinner, but in the short span of time, you gradually realize that each member is keeping his or her own deep, dark secret. Well, all except the middle daughter.

What makes this film so bad is its failure to live up to its promise. It is definitely raunchy. But there's sex that helps to move a film forward, and there's sex that's there to tease the audience. "Hush" fell into the latter.

I walked away thinking that "Hush" was simply an excuse for Mr. Oh to indulge in watching naked Singaporean women perform for him. There was ample nudity to arouse the common man, but I felt that the short film could have done without it and still tell its so-called story.

The plot itself left me -- and the majority of the audience, judging by the talk that I heard around me -- thinking "What the f--k" in a disappointed way. There was, actually, no story. Instead, there were just bits and pieces of ideas flung onto film and hoping that they all stuck and came together to tell... something.

Also, the long silent panning scenes, which for some irritating reason seem to be a hallmark of Singapore movies, meant that precious film time -- and all the more precious for a short film -- was used up for no good reason, thus leaving the audience with a sense of loss and uncertainty.

I would recommend that you save your $7 for some other entertainment. "Hush" is simply not worth a single cent.
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