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"An Unofficial Guide to Voting in Singapore"

On May 7, 2011, Singapore citizens will vote at a landmark general election. Unlike past elections, 82 out of 87 seats are being contested this year, giving almost all eligible voters the chance to vote.

Like many of these voters, I am a first-time voter this year. As such, I thought it important to learn about what to do at their polling stations in order to vote properly.

I prepared this slide presentation to describe the polling station and what goes on in there. I hope that this demystifies the voting procedure in Singapore, and gives everyone the confidence and comfort when they vote on May 7.

Disclaimer: I am a polling agent for the Workers' Party (WP). Some of the information in this guide came from what I had learned at the WP's polling agent briefing.
Tags: democracy, elections, general elections, voting
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